New Solution to UK Air Pollution Crisis

In May 2017 Radic8 launch the world’s best air purification and sterilisation technology in the UK, capable of reducing NO2 in indoor environments with 99.5% efficiency.

NO2 from traffic fumes is one of the major air pollution concerns in the UK and it can not be effectively removed with standard air purifiers that rely on filters alone. The radic8 technology uses filters in the first stage (purification) and then the second stage is the intelligent sterilisation module which neutralises all pollutants that got past the filters – giving unparalleled results on all indoor air pollutants including NO2.

In 2016 Radic8 partnered up with INBair in South Korea who manufacture the World’s leading air purification and sterilisation technology. Radic8 re-designed the INBair technology in the UK and have the new product lines ready to go to market now. In the first few months of 2017 Radic8 secured exclusive distribution partners in Canada, Australia & New Zealand, UAE, India, EU and Bermuda.

Radic8 are launching a franchise in May 2017 in order to get their technology out to the UK market.

A huge advantage of the Radic8 technology is that it is tested to be 99.9999% effective at destroying all known types of respiratory viruses (including the common cold and flu). This turns the cost of installing the Radic8 technology into a COST SAVING in all businesses as it will dramatically cut days off due to sickness.

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