Next gen Essex Police officers are preparing for a charity Nuclear Races run

The next generation of Essex Police officers are preparing themselves for a Nuclear Races run in the mud to raise money for charity.

Eighteen student Police Constables, part of Essex Police College’s A2 Intake, will battle the mud in a 5km Nuclear Event in Brentwood today, September 15.

As part of their training course to become Police Constables the team are taking on the muddy run to raise money for SNAP. SNAP is an Essex based charity for parents and carers of children with special needs and disabilities. SNAP aims to inform, encourage and support parents, allowing them to grow in strength and knowledge so that they are better equipped to give the best possible help to their children.

The Nuclear Blast Race will require teamwork and determination to complete the 5km obstacle course in under 2 hours. So far the team has raised over £2,200 and aims to raise more in a second fundraising event at the end of the month.

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