Number of new jobs soar in strong end to 2017

The latest Cooper Lomaz Employment Indicator has revealed that the number of jobs available in the East of England has increased 11% compared to the same period in 2016, showing strength in the region’s economy.

According to figures, the demand for high-calibre technical professionals is driving this annual growth, with 23% more technical vacancies available than 12 months ago.

Despite this demand, year on year there are 13% fewer specialists in these sectors who are actively seeking a new role.

A separate Cooper Lomaz survey shows that the number of jobseekers will again decrease in 2018, with 15% fewer people stating that they will look for a new opportunity than in 2017. They report that employers have reacted to this by getting ahead of their competition and hiring in the final quarter of the year, rather than waiting until the New Year, as is tradition.

Cooper Lomaz Managing Director, Simon Brown says “The job market is certainly an interesting one currently and 12 months into doing our Employment Indicator that can really be seen throughout the year.

Each quarter of 2017 saw a substantial change either in comparison to the previous quarter or the same period last year for certain sectors.

Tracking trends and changes in the market is difficult at the moment due to the constant change and flux month on month. This certainly makes it a great time to be in recruitment as the Indicator shows from the collated data businesses across East Anglia want to grow and hire during the coming year, which with the continual uncertainty of Brexit is great to see.

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