Outsourcing your Online Retail Customer Care

The emergence of eCommerce has created a less personal shopping experience for us all. With that loss of personalization, shopping has become easier and more instant. Today’s world is built on instant gratification, and the world of online shopping and eCommerce is no different.

It’s no secret, nor should it be, that at this point, having an online store is more important and more of a requirement than having a brick and motor store. The verb “Google it” is firmly in our lexicon, and almost all of our shopping experiences now begin with a quick online search. For this reason, Search Engine Results Pages are now more a part of our life than the store clerks in a real-world physical store. For recurring purchases have never been simpler, streamlined, and to be honest painless. Gone are the days where we have to venture down to the local store to pick up a roll of paper towels, or laundry detergent, or dishwasher soap. Are you an Amazon Prime member? You can literally sign up for subscribe and save and have items like these on monthly or bi-monthly ordering and two-day delivery cycle.

It is the definition of set it and forget it. This is all wonderful, and it really has revolutionized the way we shop and buy. But what happens when things do go wrong? There is no true Eutopia, after all. Customer care is one of the most important departments in any business. Companies need a good client-facing crisis team that can field and handle customer issues to keep them happy.

ECommerce businesses, like any retail business, have inventory to thank for a large portion of their overhead costs. To account for this, many of these companies look to outsource their contact centre services to reduce some of their costs. This, though, cannot be done at the cost of quality. This leads many businesses to the offshore and even more specifically, the city of Manila. For the past 20+ years, Filipinos have built out the world’s best call centre outsourcing industry and infrastructure. Along with its state of the art facilities and high-tech infrastructure, the Philippines has one of the best workforces in the world. BPO workers are paid quite well locally, but their economy allows business around the world to save money by outsourcing here. The fact that they are so well-paid means they are well educated, hardworking and experienced.

Filipinos also speak accent neutral English as a result of once being a United States territory. Being a language spoken by 20% of the globe’s population makes this a desirable skill for your company. Manila is home to some of the best BPO companies in the world. One of the country’s leading multi-channel contact centres specialising in providing online retail support is Piton-Global. When you outsource to the Philippines, you are outsourcing to the very best in the world. Sure, you have other choices, but if cost efficiency and quality are your goals, there is only one choice.