PRIMAL CURE launches its groundbreaking SlimShotz product

PRIMAL CURE, the fastest growing health and lifestyle movement, founded by business heavyweight and health guru Steve Bennett, today announced the launch of SlimShotz – a delicious drink that aids weight loss as part of a healthy diet.

With the recently launched book in the shops and the UK’s first dedicated SKY health channel (670) now live, Primal Cure has announced a full range health supplements available to purchase on Amazon, via the TV channel and from

Spearheading the range is a unique new product called SlimShotz. Formulated and produced in the UK, the product aims to help people lose weight the healthy way, with a tasty, fruity shot of natural goodness. Working as an appetite suppressant for those needing a little bit of help cutting back, its ingredients are proven to help improve health, at the same time as helping to shift the pounds.

With verified results, the product contains Glucomannan (we call it Gluco-K) a natural soluble fibre extracted from the Konjac plant. It is found in the walls of the plant’s cells and has the ability to expand like a sponge, absorbing more than 50 times its weight in water, making us feel fuller for longer and therefore means we eat less. Gluco-K has been clinically proven to aid weight loss. In fact, it’s the only ingredient to be officially recognised by the EU Commission to contribute to helping us lose weight.

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