‘Reckless’ Basildon skip company boss ordered to pay almost £25,000

Owner/operator Robert Walker of Bob’s Skips in Basildon, Essex, failed to check the legitimacy of a haulier who claimed to be working for a genuine haulage company. The driver did not work for the company and was using fake waste transfer notices. The waste was later found fly-tipped at 4 different locations in Essex.

Chelmsford Magistrates’ Court heard today that the rogue trader had made a cold call to Walker’s company looking for something to fill his lorry for a return journey.

Mrs Sarah Dunne, prosecuting for the Environment Agency, told magistrates that Walker, 54, of Whitmore Way, Basildon, arranged 4 of these deliveries.

She told the court that Walker had asked for waste transfer notices but made no further enquiries about the legitimacy of the company and failed to notice the forms were not filled in properly.

He also had no idea where the waste was being taken nor did he check that it had arrived at its destination – all part of his duty of care. Due to the inaccurate nature of the paperwork, it was not possible to trace the lorry or the driver.

Walker was fined £10,000, ordered to pay £8,300 towards the costs of the clean-up of the fly-tipped rubbish and £6,532 in costs. There was also a £30 victim surcharge.

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