Roast potatoes top the list as the East of England’s must-have Christmas dinner element, followed by stuffing and carrots

Those living in the South East are least likely to choose mashed potatoes, with only one in five residents picking it as part of their perfect plate – and just over one in three of those living in the East of England (34%)- while three quarters of people living in the North East would consider it a crucial part of their Christmas dinner.

Looking to discover what the nation’s preferred Christmas dinner plate comprises of, Seasonal Spuds – an initiative backed by the UK’s leading potato producer Branston that looks to inspire the public to enjoy more potatoes – commissioned the online YouGov survey of more than 1,800  members of the public who celebrate Christmas across England, Scotland and Wales.

Jackie Baker, communications manager at Branston said: “Admittedly, we were hoping to see spuds rank highly, but we were stunned to see such a north south divide on mash.”

The East of England’s favourite Christmas dinner plate has also been revealed; a traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

If cost and time were no issue, which, if any, of the following would you include as part of your personal “perfect Christmas dinner” plate?
Christmas dinner item Percentage of people
Roast potatoes 95%
Stuffing 85%
Carrots 79%
Meat gravy 75%
Pigs in blankets 73%
Yorkshire puddings 73%
Parsnips 72%
Brussels sprouts 70%
Peas 61%
Turkey 59%