Ronder Scott has announced her book “Blake’s Rope”

author, Ronder Scott, has announced her book “Blake’s Rope” is now available.  The book is in hard copy and in an electronic version as well.  The fiction suspense lends itself to the dark side where nothing is what it seems.

“I am thrilled to introduce my Southern Gothic African Occult suspense book to the public,” stated Ronder.  “I am confident the readers will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  I am sure once they start it, they won’t want to put it down.”

“Blake’s Rope” is a fiction novel, the second published work of Ronder’s.  The Southern Gothic African Occult suspense book is available electronically on Amazon and in hard copy form through Barnes and Noble.

The book is about a young girl named Robin Evans who inherits the dark side of fame.   She is seeking to sort out her damaged past when she, through unorthodox sessions with Dr. Frank Dabachi, is lead into dangerously, unmarked territory.  To her dismay, she realizes her backyard may be a burial site. Utter mayhem erupts when more and more layers of the mystery unfold. She is desperate to find solace through the web of lies created to distract her from the truth.

The book has 201 pages and was published in November of 2016.  It is published by Tenth Street Press.  The urban suspense novel contains a mind-tingling dose of the supernatural world.  It is not for the faint of heart but will delight readers who like to be on the edge of the chair throughout a good read.

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