Russell Brand Talks About Kate Perry In Rare Interview

Sooo after all these years it turns out that Russell Brand amd Kate Perry dkny really hate each other …

Remember when Russell Brand and Katy Perry broke up? And it was really ugly? And Brand said a lot of flippant things about Perry? For example, there was this: “Marriage is a bond that can last up to 14 months,” he said on XFM London. “This is a sacred 14-month arrangement. Begins on an elephant. Ends in a newspaper.” Cool, cool.

Well, as it turns out, Brand has apparently had a bit of a change of heart. Perhaps it’s because there has been some distance between him and the divorce, and time heals all. Perhaps he’s grown up a bit; perhaps he’s just feeling more magnanimous these days.

Whatever the case may be, Brand said some rather nice things about the whole marriage/divorce situation in an interview with John Bishop on the W Channel this week.