Rome Capital of the International Cinema for the 12th edition of the Roma Cinema Fest, where every year arrive    actresses and actors from all over the world .

The actress Silvia Busacca accredited by the Roma Cinema Fest is actively participating in the Cinema Festival event. On October 28 evening at the preview of David Gordon Green ‘s Stronger’ s movie , strolling through the international red carpet , photographed by official photograph Stefano Pietrucci. The actress wore a dress purchased at the Milan Renaissance of an Italian designer.

Silvia Busacca has witnessed ‘Stronger’movie  close of human rights issue , the actress in 2016 has been present in eight countries around the world for the International Model United Nations followed by the Aise Foreign Press Agency of Rome as  Italian Prime Minister, Delegate and Ambassadress, four times as national foreign spokeswomen, but also as Ambassadress for Unicef ​​Australia in London and Rome followed by the Australian Embassy in Rome, dealt with human rights at an international conference Zurich for the UN France and as UK Ambassadress to UN Women for its internationally involving youth every year around the world.

The actress is reduced from Red Carpet at  the Venice Film Festival 2017 where she was captured on official shoots by photographers around the world for the preview of Jim Carrey Jim & Andy’s film.

Its international route is viewable on its website promoted in many countries around the world

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