Southend robber jailed for three years

A robber has been jailed for more than three years for threatening staff at a newsagent with a knife and stealing cash and cigarettes.

Sean Pritchard went into Leigh News and Convenience Store in London Road, Leigh-on-Sea shortly after 11am on September 19 and asked a staff member for cigarettes.

As she went to get them, he pointed a knife at her and demanded she open the till. He threatened to stab her so she handed over the money from the till, which amounted to about £300.

But he continued to threaten her and demanded more.

When told that was all the money there, he took 20 packets of tobacco from the cigarette cabinet and left.

She saw him leave in a taxi, which was later found and forensically examined. A fingerprint was identified as Pritchard’s.

The day after the robbery, a number of empty cigarette boxes were found in a ditch in Belton Way West, Leigh-on-Sea.

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