STARS GALORE: More celebrities sign up for Amar Adatia’s film ‘Dead Ringer’

by Lauren Brown

It is all going on at the film set of Essex producer Amar Adatia’s latest hit film Dead Ringer.

In past days the product has announced celebrity additions to their current star studded cast who include actress and Big Brother star Laura Carter, MC Bushkin (Riki blac) and actor/presenter Lee Latchford Evans.

Talking to Essex Star this evening Adatia told us “I am so humbled beyond words to have the calibre of talent and stars who have agreed to come onboard and help me make what will be my biggest movie to date”

He added “There is already so many surprises people don’t know of in this film and when they see certain cast and locations they are going to be blown away

The THREE new star studded additions come onboard to join a whole host of stars including Sinitta, Ricky Rayment, Danielle Harold, Chelsea Singh and DJ Tom Zanetti who have all scooped parts in the film.

Dead Ringer will be released in 2018 and is directed by Richard Colton.

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