The Most Interesting Man In Golf Erik Anders Lang Launches New Series, Film & Podcast

With the new season of his popular PGA golf travel show “Adventures in Golf” premiering October 9th, an upcoming golf documentary featuring Bill Murray & Samuel L. Jackson, and host of golf’s most popular podcast.

Erik takes viewers on a breathtaking and funny tour around the world searching for the craziest, most intriguing stories in golf in his hilarious international golf travel series “Adventures in Golf” (3rd season premieres Oct 9, PGA’s Skratch TV).
Traversing the globe from Dubai to Mumbai in search of the most unique and inspirational golfing experiences, Erik has golfed alongside inmates and wardens at a prison golf course in America, found the holy grail golf course in Scotland, and everything in between. We look forward to having Erik share with you what’s in store for season 3!  
In addition, Erik is releasing his feature length documentary BE THE BALL featuring interviews with Bill Murray, Samuel L. Jackson and golf’s greatest players that explores golf’s connection to the mystical, and its surprisingly close alignment to Eastern spiritual practices.
People say golf is all about mind over matter, and BE THE BALL scientifically puts that statement to the test in what Erik is calling the greatest sports experiment ever conducted. Together with USC, Erik completed an accredited study measuring the change in brain size and improvement of golfers over a 12 week period after completing a meditation program.
 Please see the remarkable film trailer here:  
Erik also hosts the hugely popular golf podcast “The Erik Lang Show: Golf – Travel – Comedy ,” featuring celebrity and pro golfer interviews pontificating on golf, life and travel. Erik explores golf’s fundamental connection to spirituality and its astonishing intersections with Eastern meditation practices.
It is his lighthearted take on the two worlds merging that make both “Adventures inGolf” and the podcast downright bingeworthy.

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