The use of alternative workplaces for Hobbyist /Blogger

When you conduct a search “Office London” on Google, it will generate more than 5.8 billion search results. This shows you how competitive commercial real estate in London is and how many alternative workspace options for hobbyists and bloggers there are.

Versatile office spaces are increasingly becoming a big factor in productivity levels. Granted, not all hobbies will suit being taken into a public space, but depending on what you need from a facility, a coworking space in London might be a great option for you.

Taking a hobby such as blogging to a coworking space can be very beneficial. The huge variations in characters, personalities and professions you come across in such spaces can really help to get the creative juices flowing.

So you might not want to spend your free time in an office environment; afterall you are working on your own personal interests, and many offices are simply too much like being at work. However, fear no more the fluorescent strip lighting of conventional offices and stagnant conversations with the same people.

Shared offices in London offer a range of membership packages for all sorts of different needs. You don’t need to sign up to anything right away. Most serviced offices in London offer a free trial day so you can test out the facilities before you decide to visit on a regular basis. Many coworking places also have daily passes available so you can find the perfect, flexible fit for you.

Whilst some facilities may not be suited to very niche hobbies such as tree shaping or beetle fighting – arts and creative based hobbyists can definitely find a quiet space in the city to get down to work. Sometimes it is nice to work on what you love around other creatives. With flex offices in London, you never know who you will meet from one day to the next. The collaboration opportunities and inspiration you will come across is somewhat unpredictable.

Whilst your schedule may be pretty erratic, sometimes working from a cafe or indeed your home just doesn’t give you the vibe you need to get stuck into a new passion project. Working from a coworking space encourages you to stay busy as it removes the temptations of watching TV, chatting with your partner, entertaining the children or needing to talk to the dog.