Thomas Cohen says he was ‘not surprised’ at Peaches Geldof death

The widower of Peaches Geldof says he was not surprised after finding her body at their home in Kent following a heroin overdose.

Thomas Cohen, 26, has raised their two sons – Astala, four, and Phaedra, three – after Peaches’ death on 7 April, 2014.
Giving a rare interview to German TV station ProSieben, he said his children have now been alive for longer than they knew their mother.

In the interview, reported by German newspaper Bild, he described how just one hour after finding her body he had to focus on giving the two boys their lunch.

He said: “In retrospect, I think she thought the children would close the gap. But that just does not work.

“Heroin is a drug that makes you feel something better than life. This is the terrible thing: you are feeding your body with something that will kill you.

“When I found her, I was not surprised. I thought to myself at that moment ‘yes of course – you had to do that’.