Thurrock Conservatives final plea to opposition Parties

The Conservative Cabinet have issued a final plea for all parties to put aside differences and move forward on the local plan by announcing a set of basic bullet points (below) and asking each party leader to confirm their support by 3pm tomorrow (7th). The local plan can only proceed to full council on this basis. Failing to pass the paper without total support will allow groups, like Highways England, to attack the emerging plan as lacking the cross-party support which is vital in such a finely balanced political climate.


We want consensus. We have worked well together up to this point, now we can put it over the line united and move on.


All three of the political parties on Thurrock council agree on the following points –


  • The December 11th vote on the local plan is not the final vote. This is stage 2 where we are going out to consultation on the land which developers have offered us.
  • More sites have been offered than we need and therefore we have real choice.
  • That all parties have worked hard on LP stage 2, compromises made and accepted, and are satisfied that this is a good and robust document to consult on.
  • All parties are happy this plan reflects the fact that we are committed to delivering new and quality infrastructure first.
  • We reserve any judgement on the final document (site specific) based on resident’s feedback.
  • All parties will vote in favour, not abstain, and send the message this is a robust document and therefore will stand the test of time whether it be with the planning inspector, against speculative developers any anyone else intent on ruining Thurrock.


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