Tommy Robinson heads into boxing ring for Essex charity fight 

Best-selling author Tommy Robinson will be taking time away from his duties later this year to participate in a celebrity charity boxing match to be held in Romford.

The event being arranged by Blue Moon Footie who have in the past arranged celebrity charity matches will see Robinson get his boxing gloves on.

Blue Moon tweeted “First confirmation @TRobinsonNewEra
November 12 @fictionromford
Get your tickets now #bluemoonbattle”

Robinson’s 360,000 strong Twitter fan base is already in overdrive following the announcement.

One of Robinson’s die hard supporters tweeted “Get Sadiq Khan in there, that would be the ultimate fight, good luck Tommy ??”

Whilst another eager fan added “Please say Anjem choudry is your opponent”

This will be Blue Moon’s first ever celebrity boxing event with special guests from the Boxing and Celebrity Showbiz World expected to attend!

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