Treat your dog to a ‘pawsome’ Christmas

The festive season is a time for family, so when you’re getting ready for party season this year don’t forget to make it a ‘yappy Christmas’ for your dog too.

Pets are very much part of the family, but at a busy time of year they can be faced with many new situations and people. Here, Company of Animals, leading dog training and behaviour experts, share some tips on how to treat your dog this December to some TLC to get them looking – and feeling – their best.

Paws to admire

‘Tis the season to be joyful, but it’s also the season of cold, wet and icy weather. During the colder months dogs can get dirty and sore paws. To combat this issue here are a few easy solutions:

  • Regularly clean your dog’s paws to ensure grit doesn’t get stuck and cause irritation.
  • Keep an eye on your dog and their paws. If they have been on a long walk on a cold day, be mindful they may have sore feet just like you.
  • Treat them with Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter, which soothes and nourishes dry and cracked paws. By massaging into your dog’s paws, you are not only supporting their comfort, but also giving them a lovely massage to boot. Paw Butter also works really well for a dog’s nose in the winter if they are getting a bit dry or sore.

Wonderful winter coat

While your dog is reliant on having a coat to keep warm in the winter months, being out in the cold and exposed to the elements everyday can leave their skin feeling sensitive and their fur in need of a bit of care.

To keep your dog feeling comfortable and looking great this festive season be sure to groom them regularly. By brushing your dog, you will give them some much loved attention, and also get rid of any irritating hair or bits that may have got caught in their coat. Dog owners can also shampoo their dog to keep their skin clean and their fur smelling great. Use Pet Head Life’s an Itch shampoo, which is packed with natural ingredients to soothe sensitive skin.

Looking good

Your dog is always out and about, but over the December months they may be exposed to new people and new places. To make sure they look – and smell – their best, even when you don’t have much time, we have a quick fix for you.

Try giving your dog a quick spritz of Pet Head Dry Clean Shampoo, followed by a quick brush to catch any fly away fur. The spray on non-rinsing shampoo cleanses the coat without water and is perfect when your pet needs a quick fix.

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