The ultimate one-stop shop for handmade gifts, wall art and greeting cards “BodoArt”

Meet Honey and Joy on Etsy! The ultimate one-stop shop for handmade gifts, wall art and greeting cards “BodoArt”.

They are a team of dreamers, story tellers and modern romantic designers, dedicated to bring magic, happiness and charm to any home, resonated by the voices of the sweet, little Honey and the naughty captain Joy!

Here you will find a fairy collection of hand embellished, decorative tins and boxes of all sorts:
-toy storage boxes, teenage jewellery boxes,dream chests, keepsakes and memory boxes.

The luxury, fairy tale and adventure design add a magical touch to any kids playroom,turning it into a real, small wonderland!


Zoya who runs the shop tells us “We love the flower motives, modern backgrounds and pencil drawing, which turn our handmade,pressed flowers greeting cards into a memorable, small pieces of art.”

She added “Some of our cards have a Christian motive, making it easier to talk about Faith, Hope and Love.”

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