Volunteer Essex police officer comes to the aid of elderly driver

One of Essex Police’s volunteer officers came to the aid of an elderly driver who had fallen ill at the wheel while driving on the A12.

The force received a call last week from a member of the public concerned for a driver who was weaving in and out of the lanes while driving on the A12.

One of their volunteer police officers, Special Constable Keith Smith, was patrolling nearby and quickly made his way to the A12 to find the driver.

He soon caught up with the vehicle and put his blue lights and sirens on to pull the car over. The driver did not react to the flashing lights so Keith drove alongside him and could see that he appeared dazed.

Shortly after, Sgt Rob Dalton who is one of our motorcycle officers, arrived and between them they pulled the driver over at the next junction.

When speaking to the driver Keith noticed that he seemed very confused and it was clear that he was unwell. After establishing that he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or drugs, Keith called for an ambulance and reassured the man until it arrived.

When paramedics arrived shortly after they suspected that the man could be suffering from an infection and he was taken to hospital for further treatment. Keith then informed the man’s family and arranged for his car to be picked up.

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