Yup Mike Hassini is back with an EXTREMELY ripped physique

TOWIE star Mike Hassini has divided fans with his latest steamy social media offering.

The newly toned reality TV star was looking the buffest ever as he celebrated his transformation by posing for a VERY racy selfie – half-naked.

Wearing only a pair of low-cut lime green shorts Mike flashed plenty of flesh and treated fans to a glimpse of his toned abs and sculpted arms.

The star, who is currently enjoying a sun-soaked break in Turkey, couldn’t resist taking a picture of his impressive reflection as he stopped to pose in a mirror lift.

He flexed his arm and tensed his stomach to display his muscular frame to its full capacity, and captioned the phot: ‘Cut it, cut it ✂️ #fitness #nutrition #hardwork #turnup #abday #health #nike #leangains #healthy #healthiswealth’.

In April, the Lothario posted a side-by-side comparison of his physique at different stages to boast to fans about his staggering transformation.